The Next Big World Software Outsourcing Market

For almost 1 or two decades all have been talked about India and Pakistan , millions of Dollars are generated from computer software outsourcing jobs from clients based in Europe and North America Specially Canada and United States.But due to the introduction of super net connections in East Africa ,now i can closly observe European based businesses starting to lay bases in East Africa particularly Nairobi.

I have been a J2ME/JEE programer for the last six years.i have worked for three various software program houses in Nairobi,But points have now changed not like the past where to talk about computer software to a client was like explaining the uml behing generating a rocket science system.Everyone here is nicely updated .Outsourcing firms have flocked the city searching for Skilled developers.

The factor behind Kenya emerging the next computer software greatest marketplace is its time zone which is closer to Europe compared to India and Pakistan.So most European clients will preffer outsourcing their softaware jobs to developers in kenya .i can now see how technologies has affected the Software marketplace.

The last factor is low cost man power and price of running bussines compared to India and Pakistan.This has contributed to the floking of European computer software houses who prefer basing in kenya rather than Egypt and South Africa where the cost of running bussiness seems to be hire compared to East Africa.

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