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Mobile Application and Game Problem?

You want to add a hunting catalog, you can visit the site download the latest reference is pretty cool.
The address,

From the domain name, this portal can be accessed directly via the internet browser of the phone (mobile).
Fun right ...?!
The main view is quite simple, like a wap portal. Not much decoration pictures, and knick-knacks that sometimes suck up huge bandwidth. Naturally, the portal is devoted to be enjoyed via a browser supported mobile phone.

But who would have thought, a myriad of Applications / Games for free (freeware) can be obtained easily from this site. Mostly, it is dedicated to applying the Symbian mobile phone. This, seen from a site that smelled of the operating system.

Interestingly, you do not need to register for the probe information, as well as get all the services offered by this portal. Simply go to this site, then select Applications / Games of your choice. Here, not only will get a download link, you will be given a brief explanation about the selected service.

Like most download services, you can write a comment about the application / game that is downloaded.

To help you get what you want, you can choose the search mode (search). Some other menu categories were displayed neatly on the top of the main page of the site. Among them, S60. UIQ, Nokia, Themes, Player and Game.

You interested? Please visit this site ...

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